Batch Agglomeration Unit
  • Category :  Others
  • Manufacturer :  Fanchang Machinery Co, LTD
  • Plant Type :  Agglomeration
  • Capacity :  Batch Agglomeration Unit

Unused dry-neutralization, batch process for producing agglomerates, relocate able manufacturing plant. The liquid and solid raw materials will be pre-weighed and then loaded into the mixer automatically. The agglomerated product will be discharged from the mixer and will be sent through a screen for separating the oversized particles. The good product will then be stored in big bags and the over-sized product will be passed through a grinder to be ground. 1) Solid RM Conveying and Pre Weighing 2) Liquid RM Pre-Weighing and Pumping 3) Batch Dual Paddle Mixer 4) Screening and Grinding 5) Dust Control System 6) Panel and control system.