Two 90 MMSCFD Hydrogen Lines
  • Category :  Featured Plants
  • Manufacturer :  Foster Wheeler
  • Plant Type :  Hydrogen
  • Capacity :  90 MMSCFD
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Proven 90 MMSCFD of hydrogen per train x 2 trains with 97% purity.  1,200 mt/day of food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) is also produced from this plant.

The two trains share a natural gas feed system which includes two feed compressors, one recycle compressor, a feed pre-heater furnace, and a hydro- desulfurizer vessel.   The Hydrogen Production Trains are nearly identical and are completely independent downstream of the common feed system. New radiant section tubes, incoloy outlet pigtails, and incoloy outlet collection headers were installed recently in both A-Train and B-Train.

Turn-down is incredibly low – the entire complex can be run at 40 MMSCFD of hydrogen (one train down and one running at 40% capacity).  Hydrogen purity is improved to 99% when running at low capacity.

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