450 TPD/540 TPD
  • Category :  Others
  • Manufacturer :  Lurgi
  • Plant Type :  Methanol
  • Capacity :  450 TPD/540 TPD

Start up in April 1979; shut down in Sept. 2010. Our technology for the production of synthetic methanol is based on the so called low pressure methanol synthesis process from CO, Co2, and H2, which was introduced in 1967. Our methanol plant is special because it can be operated so that it uses natural gas or naptha or these two combined in any ratio as the raw materials for methanol production. When using natural gas as the raw material, the capacity amounts to 450 TPD, i.e. approx 165,000 tons annually. When using naptha as the raw material, the capacity of the plant amounts to 540 tons per day, i.e. approx. 190,000 tons annually. Within the methanol plant there is also a storage tank area with 4 single tanks with total storage capacity of 23,000 m3 of methanol.