H2 Reforming Plant
  • Category :  Featured Plants
  • Manufacturer :  Howe-Baker Engineers, Inc.
  • Plant Type :  H2
  • Capacity :  1.5 Million SCFD OF H2
Technical Drawings/Spec Sheets ( Requires: Get Acrobat Reader  )
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Plant Capacity: 1.5 Million SCFD OF H2 with 99.99 % purity
Plant Designer: Howe-Baker Engineers, Inc.
Plant built : 1982
Plant Shutdown: July 2017
The plant has been under N2 purge after the shutdown.


- The plant was operated in continuous basis 24 hour / day , the normal capacity was
900,000 SCFD , the minimal capacity the plant ran was 700,000 SCFD. The H2
requirements were less than 1.0 million SCFD during all the years of operation.
- Natural Gas was always used for process and combustion , and the plant also has two
propane pumps and propane vaporizer to operate the plant with propane.
- There are 14 tubes in the reformer , of Nickel material , 5.563” O.D. , 4.265” I.D. and 35’-7
7/8” long. Three of these tubes were replaced in 2013.


Process and Instrumentation diagrams
Flow sheet
Plant Lay out
Wiring schematics and electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering of pressure vessels
Reformer mechanical drawings
Production records and Maintenance records
Two set of books with Instrumentation and Controls, vendor info, etc.



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