5,000 m3/hr Gaseous Nitrogen Plant
  • Category :  Nitrogen Plant
  • Manufacturer :  BOC Edwards
  • Plant Type :  Nitrogen
  • Capacity :  5,000 m3/hr, 99.9999% purity
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  • Designed to deliver 5,000 m3 (176,600 ft3) of gaseous N2 per hour, at sea level and 70 F.

  • 99.9999% pure Nitrogen

  • 1 Atlas-Copco HLH-8 Main Air Compressor (2,500 hp, 4,160 V)

  • Includes a spare Compressor/Expander/Brake

  • The plant was operational at shutdown - idled June, 2020

Additional Information:

  • Commissioned in 1994

  • Originally a 5,000 m3/hour. Compressor upgraded to a 2,500 horsepower compressor to enable the 5,600 m3/hour output (at sea level and 70 F).   

  • Original output capacity of the plant 5000 m3/hour of gaseous N2 and 200 gallons per hour of LN2.

  • Current output capacity as a supercharged plant 5600 m3/hour of gaseous N2 and 200 gallons per hour of LN2.

  • No auxiliary chiller.

  • Qty 1 heat exchanger with 3 aluminum plate and fin type heat exchangers.

  • Qty 1 distillation column

  • Qty 1 20,000 gallon tank.

  • Siemens DCS controls with a WonderWare HMI

  • Plant pressure is 130 psig


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