35,000 NM3/HR Hydrogen Plant
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  • Plant Type :  Hydrogen
  • Capacity :  35,000 NM3/HR
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Unused Hydrogen Plant with syngas reformer designed by UHDE and PSA unit designed by Linde. Feedstock to steam methane reforming can be naphtha, LPG or natural gas. Design capacity 35,000 Nm3/hr (1,236,000 SCFH) with turn down ratio of 40%. Product hydrogen purity 99.9%, pressure and temperature at battery limit 40 bar and 40 degree C. Byproduct medium pressure steam 37 bar at 450 degree C. Plant never installed. Equipment never used. 

Plant includes all the equipment and parts for the following process units:
- Feed evaporation/preheating
- Feed Desulphurization
- Pre-reforming
- Steam reforming and waste heat recovery
- HT/LT conversion/cooling train
- Pressure swing adsorption (PSA)
- Slope system (waster water)
- Dosing stations (ammonia, phosphate)


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