25,000 NM3/HR Hydrogen Plant
  • Category :  Featured Plants
  • Manufacturer :  Foster Wheeler
  • Plant Type :  H2
  • Capacity :  25,000 NM3/HR
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• The hydrogen plant was only installed in 2007 and is based on Foster Wheeler technology. The plant produces 25,000 Nm³/hr of 99.99% pure H2. The Plant was shutdown in 2011.

• The H2 from the PSA plant is partially recycled to mix with the methane feed with the rest sent to the site H2 system at 99.99%.

• The exit temperature from the shift reactor is 412°C. The H2 and CO2 passes through a series of shell and tube steam generators, heat exchangers and an air fin fan cooler which drops the gas temperature down to 60°C. Any remaining water is separated in the cold condensate drum which is then heated to feed the deaerator. Heat exchangers are stainless steel.

• Expected documentation was observed during the inspection, such as PFDs, P&IDs, procedures, and equipment files.

Methane is supplied at a rate of 6.4 tons/hr, through 2 KO pots to the gas compressor. There is a standby LPG compressor at a rate of 3.4 tons/hr, is also supplied through the LPG vaporizer, and is heated with medium pressure steam. This is mixed with the fresh methane feed and the recycled gas at a total flow rate of 15.8 tons/hr at 30 Bar. The gas compressor is a LMF type B254-360N3.3 electrically driven 6KV 1400KW, 3 stage piston type. It delivers 10,400 Nm³/hr, suction pressure 2.8 bar, discharge pressure 33 Bar, 375 rpm. 

The mixed gas is fed to the top section of the reformer which is gas fired, using flue gas. It is heated to 300°C in (2) passes and fed to the hydrodesuplphurizer reactor, which is loaded with 5 tons of CoMo catalyst. The gases then passes through the (2) sulphur absorber reactors which have 15.8 tons of zinc oxide catalyst in both. The reactors are 4.3m in height and 2.1m diameter. Then, the gas passes through the radiant section of the reformer to heat to 520°C and then through the reformer tubes at 27 bar. There are (3) banks of 33 tubes (96 in total). The H2/CO rich gases exit the reformer tubes at 875°C, passing through the reformer waste heat exchanger which generates steam fed back to the main steam drum.

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