Unused Hydrocracker Reactors
  • Category :  Featured Plants
  • Manufacturer :  Refinery
  • Plant Type :  Refinery
  • Capacity :  null
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(2) UNUSED, Surplus Immediately Available, Hydrocracker Reactors, fabricated in 2010, each ASME stamped, 2755.8 psi design pressure at 850ºF design temperature. Each reactor fabricated from shell SA336M, F22V material, nominal 8.62" wall; heads SA542M, TPD Cl 4a, nominal 4.33" thick. Inside surfaces have TP309L layer + minimum 0.118" thick TP317L weld overlay.

Reactor #1 is 12’d (id) x 79'-10.5" t-t, overall 103'-2" length.

Reactor #2 is 11'-11.7" d (id) x 56'-7.6" t-t, overall 79'-10.6" length.

Drawings available on request.

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