8,000 BPD Hydrotreater
  • Category :  Others
  • Manufacturer :  Shell Oil Company
  • Plant Type :  Hydrotreater
  • Capacity :  8,000 BPD
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Lubeoil Hydrotreater

8000 BPD

Technology Provider: Shell Oil Company

(2) Reactor Design

Operating Pressure: 2500 PSI

Year Built: 1980


This unit is designed to catalytically saturate aromatic low viscosity index (LVI) lube oils and upgrade them to medium viscosity index (MVI) quality. The process facilities are similar to that of existing hydrotreaters but operate as a significantly higher pressure. The process design is set to run three distillates in blocked out operation. These are MVI 65, MVI 200 and MVI 750. Unit feed rates for the 3 distillates are as follows - MVI 65 - 8000 B/SD; MVI 200 - 6640 B/SD; MVI 750 - 3360 B/SD. Major Equipment: VESSELS: V9150 - Feed Surge Drum V9151-1st Reactor V9152 - 2nd Reactor V7153-HPHT Separator V7154 - HPHT Separator V9155 - H2 Recycle Compr. K.O. POT V9156 - LPHT Separator V9157 - LPHT Separator V9158 - Product Stripper V9160 - Jet Condensate Accum. V9161 - Stripper Over Hd. Accum V9162 - Vent Gas Compr. Inter.K.O.Pot V9163 - Emergency Vent Gas K.O. Pot V9180 - Volume Tank S43c - Steam Condensate Tank EXCHANGERS: 9155 - HPHT Separator Vapor Cooler 9157 - LPHT Separator Vapor Cooler 9159 - Product Cooler 9160 - Stripper O.H. Condenser 9158A - Ejector First Condenser 9158B - Ejector Second Condenser 9158C - Ejector After Condenser 9162 - Oil Cooler 9163 - Oil Cooler 9164 - Oil Cooler 9150 - Feed Stripper Bottoms 9151 - Feed/Reactor Effluent 9152 - Feed/Reactor Effluent 9153 - Reactor Effluent Total H2 9154A - HPHT Sep. Vapor/Total H2 9154B - HPHT Sep. Vapor/Total H2 9161 - Vent Compr. Inters Cooler 9158 - Ejector Condenser

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