Unused Steam Turbine Driven Process Gas Compressor
  • Category :  Featured Plants
  • Manufacturer :  ELLIOTT
  • Plant Type :  **
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Compressor: Elliott 32M4 (with spare rotor)
Serial#: 20E511AC01J
Inlet Pressure: 15PSIA
Inlet Temp: 35F
Discharge Pressure: 77-90 PSIA
Flow: 17,862 CFM to 19,400 CFM
Speed: 6516 RPM TO 7178 RPM
Coating: POS-E-COAT 523 on rotor and diaphragms Bearings: Kingsbury LEG with instrumentation; Elliott TPJ Seals: John Crane T28 gas seals
Inlet Flange Size: 12” 600#
Discharge Flange Size: 30” 600#

Steam Turbine: Elliott SRV4 (with spare rotor)
Serial#: 20E511AT01J
Inlet Condition: 150 PSIG/420F Exhaust: 15 PSIG/250F
HP: 2778 HP
Speed: 6916 RPM

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