GTL Facility
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  • Manufacturer :  Fischer Tropsch/Linde
  • Plant Type :  GTL
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Steam-Methane Reformer: 46.5 MMSCFD Linde-designed Steam-Methane Reformer (SMR) facility

including feed preparation, reformer, syngas cooling, steam generation, hydrogen separation,

carbon dioxide removal section (amine section), and carbon dioxide compression for recycle.

The facility started up in 1994 but has only 10 years of operation as a HyCO Plant (hydrogen

and carbon monoxide production). The SMR was redesigned and upgraded by Linde in 2015 for

$10.5 MM to supply the new GTL facility


Fischer-Tropsch Reaction Section: Two Fischer-Tropsch reactors, each with 78,000 sq ft shell and

tube exchangers with FT catalyst packed inside the tubes. The reactors are 11’ diameter with

32’ long tubes which are rated for 500 psig at 500oF. All of the steam-generation equipment is

included for capturing the FT reaction exotherm. All of the equipment was constructed in 2015

and most of the downstream process-contact material of construction is 304L stainless steel.


Product Fractionation Section: The Fractionation Column is 3’ diameter by 90’ tall and is

constructed of 304 stainless steel. It is rated for 50 psig/full vacuum at 650oF. It has four

packed sections with four product “take-offs” (overheads, two side-draws, and bottoms). All

associated equipment is included such as the feed heater, condenser, two accumulators, and

four overheads product/reflux pumps included. This system was manufactured in 2015 and is

almost entirely 304 stainless steel construction.


Wax Upgrade Section: Two 4,000 gallon batch hydrogenation reactor systems; each with 100 gpm

feed capabilities. The reactors are rated for 327 psig at 455oF. Two 218 sq ft Short-Path

Distillation Units (SPDU) rated for 22 psig/FV @ 572oF. One 82 sq ft Wiped-Film Evaporator

(WFE) rated for 22 psig/FV @ 572oF. All of these systems were manufactured in 2015 in

modular construction units and are ready to ship. Virtually all of the process contact material

of construction is 304 stainless steel or better. The facility was designed and delivered in

modules, but was never constructed or operated.


The Fischer-Tropsch Reaction Section, the Product Fractionation Section, and the Wax Upgrade

Section were all manufactured in 2015 and have never been operated. All of the equipment

downstream of the FT Reactors is constructed of 304L stainless steel or better alloys.

The DCS is by Yokagawa and it is completely programmed and ready to install. The hardware is still

at Yokagawa

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