• Category :  Chemical | Plastic
  • Manufacturer :  **
  • Plant Type :  Aniline
  • Capacity :  180MM LBS/YEAR
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The aniline at the site is produced via adiabatic gas-phase technology and mononitrobenzene (MNB) adiabatic reaction technology.

The key raw material reacted in these processes are benzene and nitric acid.

At the site, aniline is produced by a proprietary fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) adiabatic gas-phase, using a fixed-bed catalytic hydrogenation process from MNB and hydrogen. The process technology is licensed in.

Nitric acid is produced at the site and combined with benzene to produce mononitrobenzene via an adiabatic reaction process. A purification train is then used to neutralize and purify the product. Methane is supplied via pipeline and used to produce hydrogen from two steam/methane reforming reactors. Then aniline is produced by a proprietary adiabatic gas-phase, fixed-bed catalytic hydrogenation of MNB with hydrogen and a purification train. The wastewater is treated and discharged to the municipal outfall, with some organic waste streams being treated in the onsite thermal oxidizer unit (liquid waste incinerator).

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