1000 TPD Ammonia/1400 TPD Urea
  • Category :  Others
  • Manufacturer :  Designer: MW Kellogg/Stamicarbon
  • Plant Type :  Ammonia and Urea
  • Capacity :  1000 TPD Ammonia/1400 TPD Urea
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AMMONIA PLANT: Designed capacity 907 TPD Revamped capacity 1000 TPD Startup year: 1979 Shut down year: end 2014 Technology : M.W. Kellogg Major revamps: Ammonia converter -  Ammonia Casale technology (1996) New hydrogen recovery unit (1994) Syngas compressor and refrigeration compressor (1996) New primary reformer tubes (thin wall tubes) (2008) New secondary reformer burner (2014) -  Casale burner UREA PLANT: Designed capacity : 1300 TPD Revamped capacity : 1400 TPD (limited by the CO2 compressor -  the synthesis section can bear 1500 TPD) Startup year 1981 Shutdown year: end 2014 Technology: Stamicarbon – stripping Revamped plant parts: Urea reactor High efficiency trays (1996) Casale trays Desorption and Hydrolysis section (1996) Casale technology Radar level meters for reactor and stripper (2011) Added carbamate pumps pulsation dampers (2011) Installed CO2 compressor Woodward control system (1996)

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